Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hello friends and lovers, Ville here!

After arriving to Bend, Oregon we've been planning the rest of our gear and buying/ packing food like the end of the world is coming. The Mayans said it should be around December 2012.

Tuesday we walked into Costco to shop food in bulk, to our Finnish readers: Costco is a whole sale place where you buy stuff like toothpaste in 6 liter bottles. As you can see from the photo we were shopping with following criteria : Has to be light in weight, needs to have a lot of calories and tons of fat. Usually people shop the opposite stuff.

Wednesday we spent shopping for the rest of our camping and hiking gear at REI. I acquired a really cool looking desert hat that makes me look like Indiana Jones... an alcoholic Indy. We spent quite a decent amount of money on feet care so that we improve our odds of our feet not quitting their jobs and calling us idiots.

The rest of the time we've packing the food in boxes, calculating calories per day and realizing that when you shop for 4 months worth of food you get a pile of food that is bigger than the Mt. Everest. We also tested our gear by camping outside in a tent with our new sleeping quilt. That night was record low temperatures, it went down to 19 Fahrenheit so - 7 Celsius degrees.
The quilt kept us warm and ultra light tent protected us from the freezing wind.

Today is easter so we have been stuffing ourselves with food and dishes that we won't be getting any time soon on the trail. On Wednesday 27th we fly down to San Diego and we'll start the hike on 29th. We will write to this blog as often as we can, depending on how many places that we stop buy will have access to internet.

Happy Easter!


  1. Good luck and remember Brunolf Käki when walking starts to come out of our ears! Kristen probably doesn’t know Brunolf, but you can meet him in Youtube. Here is pithy video about Brunolf Käki Suomihan Kristeniltä jo sujuukin…

  2. Hey guys, Cool to see everything finally coming together! After chatting about your packing a month ago, you are now both surrounded with oodles of unperishable food. I hope the snickers bars don't melt! :) We'll be keeping track of you from Helsinki. Vappu was yesterday and we thought of you both. Hope you enjoyed a microbrew or something!

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