Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Hello folks!

Still in the thick of planning and we can hear the countdown till our plane leaves Helsinki, Finland and we arrive in Bend, Oregon (U.S.A.) in only 5 days! Ready? Well, that's a funny question. I guess as ready as one can be to change 10 time zones, move at warp speed to buy, pack, and label resupply boxes (there are about 10 for just our California stretch so far), buy all the "last minute" items to complete our gear, "see" all the family and friends, pick up ice axes and bear canister in Eugene, get over jet-lag, try not to forget anything, and try to remain cool, calm, and collected. Did I also mention we have 8 days to do all this in Bend? :)

Well, after that mess, tickets are booked for our departure to San Diego on Wed. afternoon (April 27th) and we will stay with friends for all of a day before departing on Friday the 29th for the beginning of what all this craziness is for! Then it's one foot in front of the other, and repeat. A few times. Seems easy enough! After the first post, we have had an amazing response from family and friends to help mail us our boxes (since we cannot get into every town out in the wilds, we must mail ourselves food, sections of our maps, and odds and ends), meet us on trail, bring us boxes in person, see us for a day or two (where I am sure they will beg us to bathe and eat), or even hike sections. (Dad, age is just a number, and Lisa, this is your chance to really show us that you CAN be with nature for 5 months and love it. Jordan aka J-Lo, we have you already penciled in for the whole hike.

Thanks everyone for all the support. Still positions open for a sherpa to carry my gear, fan me while I walk, and feed me grapes and chocolate. If you are interested, e-mail me. Until next time, enjoy our wild adventures!

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