Friday, May 13, 2011

On the Trail

Howdy All!

Kristen and Ville here, finally checking in from the laid-back, hiker friendly town of Idyllwild, CA. We finally arrived here after 13 days on the trail (only one day resting at the Kick Off in Lake Morena). We are having a hard time finding the words to describe the trail, but are definitely having the time of our lives. While mulling over our thoughts about the PCT, we both agreed that it is better than we both had imagined. The scenery has been breathtaking, ooohs and aahhhhs around every bend (turns out the desert ISN’T just flat, who knew?), unexpected and well-loved trail angels around every bend (these are the Mother Teresas of the trail who cook, feed, clothe, and help hikers just cause they can), going from a day of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit walking through the desert (literally wandering wasted asking if the trail angels we met were just a mirage) to sleeping up in the clouds up over 8000 ft a few days later.

Warner Springs was our last and only town we passed through with amazing hot springs and a golf course in the middle of the desert (Ville was bummed he couldn’t make a tee time), but we hiked in, stayed a night to eat and to eat more (thanks George for the camera advice and sees candy, what a treat) and hiked out the next day. Couldn’t have imagined how loving, friendly, and vastly varied all the hikers are, but we have all become this huge family, all looking out for each other.

Since internet is a challenge, we are posting a bunch of pics and will try to upload our video from the next stop. We will also write more later, but if you want to get in touch with us, our cell number is: 541.350.6370 (obviously will be scattered when we can call you back, but leave a message or text and will get you back when we can) Hope all are well, and tell your friends to follow along our wild adventures!


  1. How's the gear situation and pack weight? Do you hate the red tent stake yet? ;-) Have you sent any other gear home? I love Idyllwild! We hope to see you in Agua Dulce.

  2. Welcome to Idyllwild. It's a fun and hiker friendly town.

    Cheers, Treebeard

  3. So glad you got to post from Idyllwild! I've been checking out your blog every few days and thinking about you's the time of your life, eh?

  4. Go Dumb and Dumber! We look forward to following your journey. Happy trails! Jackalope, Eagleye, and Bearbait :)

  5. Hey fellow hiker friends, how/where are you now? We're in Big bear City, missing you guys here. Hope to catch up with you and share stories soon. Be well safe, warm and enjoy the stunning diversity! Li An & Justin

  6. Hi there!
    Sounds good! Looking forward to see some photoes from the journey :)
    Take care!

  7. Hi you two! It's Peter, Amy, and young Jeffrey, we just met up on the PCT, after a knee-deep crossing of the West Walker. You described your MUCH deeper crossings throughout Yosemite...WOW! You two are the bomb and we remain in awe. All the best to you both in your journeys near and far. If your backpacks ever find their way to Napa Valley, you know you have a place to stay. All the best, P, A & J