Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stehekin, Chelan County, Washington. Total mileage 2574.

Hooowdy Ho!

It's Ville's half-Viking brother here. Just received the following update:

Ville and Kristen are currently in Stehekin, Chelan County, WA, with only 81 miles to go. They will hike out on Monday and are bound to reach Manning Park, British Columbia, Canada, on Thursday!

Kristen and Ville told that they have had a very close encounter with a black bear, even closer than the earlier ones, but again Ville's scary looks have (obviously) saved them. More information about that encounter and a big bunch of jaw-dropping photos & videos are to be expected when they are back to civilization. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Guys remember me (Dan from Iowa). We meet at the Saufleys and again as I was heading south after flipping. You guys are great and it is fantastic that you are going to make it! I am jealous but very happy and excited for you and others that have made it all the way this year especially! I'll be checking back to see you at the border!

  2. Yay great news!!! congratulations on the incredible accomplishment :) I highly admire your achievement!